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So I haven't posted anything in the last couple of days...
am in a very "Bridget Jones" type writting funk so will be writting like this....
Weekend was fine. Got sick, didn't go to Sunfest (a wonderful music fest) and missed seeing Fergie and Natasha Beddingfield, who sings an amazing song called "I want to have your babies" but more on that later.
Went to yoga this morning for the first time...omg hot as hell in there! Bikram is not for the weak. very proud of self  for staying the entire 90 min and sweating it out. felt very very disgusting after and wished I had makeup on as hott guy at the counter kept trying to make conversation. 
Last night at work had company for one of the first times, besides my friend K, no one has ever wanted to actually come to work with me! don't blame them either as giving baths and cooking dinner for toddlers can't seem that much fun for most people. New friend V, came to visit me last night and saw my routine of putting A to bed. Was actually forced to sing in front of her as A has me sing songs to wind her down - hate singing in front of people, which proves how much I love A. Was very nice to have grown up talk on Saturday night for once! Most sat nights consist of me sitting in front of big screen TV admiring hott men or watching Law and Order: SVU or SNL..
Realized that college is coming up sooner than I want to believe. Quite scary actually. V and I looked at colleges last night and found that I can start applications in JULY! Cant believe this time next year I will know where I'm going to college. 
In exciting news, think that D might be pregnant!! If so, I will be godmommy - very excited! Sad that I will be going off to college soon after baby is born though. I hope its a girl - I can't see T with a boy and A prefers girls.  Am hoping very much that pregnancy is in fact real and not just a "sense", will see later in the month. Speaking of babies, listening to Natasha Beddingfield's new cd who has a song, "I want to have your babies". Beautiful song. Would love to play that for future husband. Have to keep that in mind. Pretty scary to also think that in a matter of years, I will be having babies!!!! Hope I will not be an awful parent. 
Mother's day is next Sunday. Must find present for D, since as of this year she has become my godmother. Haven't shopped for Mothers day present for 11 years, have no idea what to get. Given photos of A before for other gifts but am stumped as what to do. She is not easy to shop for as she is all Organic and natural. No perfumes for her. Would love to get her new Coach bag but have no money...actually, I do as am not going back to NYC anymore. Have to find something!!!!!!!!
AP US History test on Friday. Very nervous and should probably be studying. Crutchfield(principal/nazi) got fired today- wont be there next year thank God!! According to her rules though, if I dont pass AP test, will not get AP credit, only honors and I will NOT take this course again in college!!! 
Off to go listen to Madonna's "Hard Candy". Loving song, Candy Shop. will have to burn for dads office. I need new movie soundtracks for kids, if I have to sing Sound of Music's "DO-RE-MI" one more time to A, will never watch movie again. Perhaps she'll like Julie Andrew's Cinderella?



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