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Monday's almost back again

So I should be in bed, sleeping like a good girl, but instead the computer has called me to it...
I have no disipline according to some people, yet they hardly know me so they can't really judge.
Nothing made me more furious than having some woman who barely knows me tell me that (and I quote) I am "not grounded, you're just not disiplined and you don't use your time wisely"....sure lady because you know me for a few months and I see you for a few hours every other day, you automatically know my whole work ethic.
May I remind her that I ALWAYS get my projects and assingments in on time, which is more than I can say for some people, but I'm trying this new thing where I don't judge people.....should be interesting!
So here I am at 11:45 on Sunday night, listening to the soundtrack from Chicago the musical and typing some thoughts. 
My weekend was pretty boring. Went to the mall and got a new dryer, now my clothes can be "wrinkle free" as the man at the store told me, since my dryer (which I swear General Electric made for people under 4'9) is equipped with that wonderful feature! Must make up for the fact that I practically have to sit on the floor to unload the clothes - just the sort of thing I have time for when I'm in the midst of work, cooking, ACT studying and AP exam studying! 
Yes, those wonderful end of the year tests where you actually regret taking the AP class for a few weeks, are coming upon me pretty dang quickly. AP English composition and AP US History, which is reportedly the hardest one to pass....isn't that sad, Americans taking a test on their own history can't even pass it, yet immigrants who want so badly to get into this country most likely could. Just makes us Americans seem even dumber than we already come off as. 
I went to Toronto over Spring Break and it was such a NICE, LOVELY city. The only thing I didn't like was that there was a ton of smoking and not just cigarettes! People were smoking weed in the street like they could care less! Then it occured to me that, duh it's probably legal there. I'm a big Organic freak and I went to two markets where they had such a great variety of organic fruits, meats and vegetables for such LOW  prices!! Here organic Blueberries cost about $4.00 for a pack, there I got a pack of organic blueberries and an organic orange for the grand total of $3.00!!! IN AMERICAN DOLLARS WHICH IS WEAKER THAN CANADIAN RIGHT NOW!! You could have knocked me over I was so stunned! 
Just the fact that they were so cheap made me buy them although I ended up eating the blueberries at 3 AM on my way to the airport in the taxi since you can't bring them back into the states and I ended up giving my orange away at the airport. I probably could have snuck them into my backpack, since the TSA didn't really look all that interested in my stuff, but I would rather not get arrested in Canada for trying to sneak back fruits into the US...
The whole irony of the ordeal was, that the fruits that I bought in CANADA came for such a cheap price came from FLORIDA - THE STATE THAT I LIVE IN! So basically I have to fly to Canada for $300 + to get cheaper food thats been grown in the city next to me, than be allowed to go to the store down the street and get it for less money....pretty stupid, but hey thats America for you - home of the rules and regulations that make absolutly no sence! 
Don't get me wrong, I'm a full blooded American and I love my country, my home but seriously what is the price of living here going to come too? Sometimes I wonder if it would just be better to move to Canada, England or Australia and raise a family there. At least my husband and kids would have cute accents. 
Dang, official Monday morning and I already feel like crap. What is it about Mondays that makes peoople so grouchy?! Better get some sleep if I want to be somewhat awake tommorow.. 4 days til the Palm Beach Post Awards for journalism students!!! Can't wait to see if I get mentioned! That would make me week, plus look GREAT on college applications which is a whole other story altogether!



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