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justagirl1023's Journal

I'm Kelsey.
I live and work in South Florida and on top of that I am an approaching high school senior (Go Class of '09)!
I've decided to be a bit daring and express my ideas, thoughts and feelings on a journal that just about anyone can see. wow, that's almost nerve racking right there.
I figure people keep asking me where I want to go to school, what I want to do, what I do in my life now, ect.
I love writing, so why not let people see inside my life for a bit? It can only help me become a better writer and I've heard that "journaling" is supposed to be theraputic....
I can't promise that this is the best blog that anyone has ever seen, but it's more for me than anyone, yet people can feel free to look and read.
So thats it, that's why I'm doing this. Hopefully whoever reads this can find some inspiration, helpful organic tips, or just some good laughs. If anyone takes something positive away from this, than I'll feel good knowing that I've helped at least one person.
So enjoy my journey - who knows, maybe someday you'll be reading my work in print!